Lletty Brongu International Airport

Millennium Projects

Maesteg Line Rail Link extends to LLBI and the Garw valley

To compliment existing services, the Maesteg Line Rail Link will be extended to provide fast and frequent services to Lletty Brongu International Airport. This plan includes:

  • Extension of line to Lletty Brongu

  • Expansion of Maesteg Station to cope with increase in services

  • Link Direct from other major centres such as Tondu and Wildmill to the Airport

  • It will also link to the Bridgend Valleys steam service in the Garw Valley using the old trackbed to Blaengarw.

New Flying Boat Terminal

Bowen Construction is to construct a flying boat air terminal for Blaencaerau-Ewenny Airways (BEA)  at Glyncorrwg Ponds. This will serve the tourists visiting Afan valley and the growing commercial area of Cymmer. When bad weather closes in flights will transfer to the Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir near Margam Park. In an emergency they can also use Afan Lido

Lletty Brongu International Airport, in association with Pan-Demonium Airways are undertaking a large number of Millennium projects to improve our way of life and take Lletty Brongu International Airport into the next millennium

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