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Tondu RFC install palletised pitch

Following the lead of the Millennium Stadium Tondu RFC,  have installed a palletised pitch. When its not needed for Rugby the Borough's top team in Division 1 will have it taken to LLBI for storage and flood Pandy Park for use as a skid pan. "We hope this will stop kids driving up and down my close" said a prominent Sarn resident.

LLBI Firebomers patrol Afan Argoed

LLBI will be providing Fire-Bombers to protect the nearby Afan Forest. Local Rangers welcomed the development as fire is always a danger from the local joy-riders whose favourite habit is to steal an Astra in Bridgend and burn it in the forestry.

Mountain rescue team for LLBI 

Following the loss of one of its fleet of trainers on the heights of Rhiw Tor Cymry, Lletty Brongu has its own Mountain Rescue Team. LLBI is indebted to one of its supporters for providing a long wheelbase Land Rover for use by the team