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LLBI Botch Trainer Upgrade

LLBI bosses admitted today that the planned upgrade to their fleet of Scruggs Trainers from T1 to T4 aircraft has been badly handled by main contractor Scruggs Systems. Since the upgrade they have been unable to carry an instructor. Said a anonymous source at LLBI Flying School "What is the bloody use of a trainer that can only carry a pupil and no instructor? When we had our Tiger Moths upgraded in 1948 it was twice as capable at a quarter if the cost"

LLBI to a website spokesman that this as minor problem and Scruggs Systems would be responsible for completing the conversion by Christmas 2001. Meanwhile trainees would be using a virtual instructor to sit along side them. Said the spokesman "This will almost as good as the real instructor, except that he may be a little quieter. Should the virtual instructor go off line he can be brought back to life by a small inflator valve.

New Air Link for LLBI

Tourists can now take advantage of the new service linking LLBI to the top of Snowdon. Using two seat Harrier T4 aircraft surplus to RAF needs Blaencaerau-Ewenny Airways (BEA) plan that services will start in the autumn. Chief Pilot Sian Upper-Airspace told us "We planned this service for people who are too unhealthy to climb Snowdon and don't like to use trains.