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Holy Grail Found in Lletty Brongu?

From our Ipswich Correspondent
Speculation that the Holy Grail is buried in Lletty Brongu has received a
boost recently when a small wooden chalice was found at a site very close to
Lletty Brongu.

The object was found on land adjacent to Craig-Yr-Hudol farm, where
engineers were building a new transmitter tower for Lletty Brongu
International Airport. A workman said 'I found this cup and though "wow - a
cup" and remembered the story about the Holy Grail being buried in Lletty
Brongu and we went from there"

The story comes from a man in a pub, who was quoted as saying that The Holy
Grail is buried in Lletty Brongu. 'Lletty Brongu means "The dwelling place
of Bron the Beloved" (Lle - Place, Ty - House/Dwelling, Bron-gu - Bron the
Beloved). Bron the beloved was the brother-in-law of Joseph of Aramathea,
the keeper of the Holy Grail. When Joseph returned to the place of his
birth, he entrusted the grail to Bron, who travelled West through Wales.
Many believe that he settled in the area known as Lletty Brongu'

'It is also worth noting that the Holy Grail is said to be buried under an
enchanted rock. The place that it was found, Craig-yr-Hudol, translates as
"Enchanted Rock"

Critics, However, believe that the cup found was actually bought from
Maesteg Knitted Crafts and planted there some time before the excavation
work was carried out. Witnesses claim to have seen a man wearing a blue
shirt and driving a Blue Rover 200 digging in the area a few days before the
excavation. Experts have refuted this, claiming that the fact that no
receipt for the cup was found means it couldn't possibly have come from

The investigation continues……...