Lletty Brongu International Airport

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Lletty Brongu International      Wales                   EGGG

Tel 01656 100000                    Civ

                                                  Elev 480ft

TIME  PPR 0700-2100 ( Except Tues when closed 0800-900 for staff training)

RWY  10/28 (098T) Grass 2500ft

COM  TWR 124.5

     APP  125.85

     ATIS 119.5

NAV  I Bn Rd

     Big white arrow on Garth Hill

     ILS (Rwy10) 115.5

SERV  Civgas available H24 Sainsbury's M4 Jct 36 Cefn Hirgoed

      Crash  Pontypandy Fire Brigade - please give 30min notice

RMKS  1. Beware sheep on runway

      2. Intense joy-riding activity on perimeter track

      3. Advise Twr when crossing Rectory Close VRP

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