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LLBI Director defects to Suffolk

Shares at the Tylers Arms feel sharply as one of LLBI's founders defected to form a new airfield on the site of the old RAF station at Martlesham Heath near Ipswich in a joint venture with media moguls BT. He told the press " It was put to me that I should commute from Garth but BT would not come up with the money". It is rumoured that BT were lucky to secure his services as there was stiff competition from a Government Agency.

Latest News on Bid for Radio Licence

Lletty Brongu International Airport has been unsuccessful in its bid for the
Bridgend Local Radio licence. A comprehensive bid was put together by
Lletty Brongu, which made use of existing communication facilities at the
airport. However, the license was granted to Shwt Media Group, who already have extensive radio coverage of the Shwt and Betws areas.

The Shwt Media Group was formally known as Shwt Radio when it was part of the Hillier International Group. When HI decided to sell its interests in
Shwt Radio, the radio station was taken over by a Management Buyout. It
continued to operate under Shwt Radio until it decided to bid for the
Bridgend Licence and so, underwent a massive re-naming campaign. From here it became Shwt Media Group.

LLBI to build fly-drive residential villas

Lletty Brongu is to build Wales first housing estate built for

aircraft owners.  Insead of a garage for the car, residents have a

hangar for the plane.  The drive links directly on to the runway. 

The scheme has been developed jointly by LLBI and Shwt Construction. 

The land has been generously donated by Lletty Brongu Sewage Works,

who were disposing of land that was no longer needed.

LLBI helps deaf and visually handicapped

LLBI controllers have won an community award for their pioneering work with hard of hearing pilots. Following an awareness raising session with the Shwt Society  for the Deaf they decided that they should all learn sign language so that they could "talk down" deaf pilots. The chairman of the Society told us "LLBI

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