Setting up in Wales?

The Welsh Development Agency have factory sites at LLBI

Lletty Brongu

Used Planes

All our planes are stored in the vast underground hangers built by miners from the St Johns colliery under the direction of the Ministry of Labour in 1942-5. Among the aircraft on offer we have:

In a hurry to go on that holiday? Try our ex RAF Lightning F6, only 50 hours since last major, Suit small family.

Cessna 172, one careful lady owner, must be flown to be believed. We flew it and we didn't believe it either.

Neighbours a nuisance? Need to stop ethnic cleansing? Try an ex US Army Apache helicopters, trade clearance , from $999.99. Optional extras include Hellfire missiles , chain gun, tilt and slide sunroof, alloys wheels and power assisted steering.

Following the selection of the Tutor as its new aircraft for giving cadets air experience the RAF have licenced LLBI to sell off their fleet of Bulldog trainers. Fully aerobatic, only 5,000 hours since new.

Tornado GR4 Bomber TIALD owners need not apply, full warranty available from manufacturer.

Other items for sale:

  • Irvin parachute, used only once, still under warranty, needs re-packing.

  • Second user sick bags, fully disinfected.

  • Ejector seat for Air Cadet glider, never used.

  • The Air Crash Encyclopaedia , suit nervous flyer

  • Glider Refuelling Rig

  • No Smoking Signs, ex Zeppelin stock

  • Ex Air Traffic Control Loadhailer--shout louder than your kids

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