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Lletty Brongu International Airport

Millennium Projects

Glyncorrwg Ponds Flying Boat work halted

Work on the Flying Boat terminal at Glyncorrwg Ponds has  now been halted due to an extraordinary find. Contractors at the site found the infamous Italian Submarine, scuttled there by General Sidoli shortly after the second world war. Initial reports suggested that the submarine hulk was at the opposite end of the ponds. Experts now believe that the sub was not anchored properly, causing it to move over time.

One expert said "Divers have made a preliminary examination of the sub and it seems that all the doors have been left open. It's possible that local joy-riders have broken in and have been driving it around the ponds area, leaving it in it's present location. The police have been informed and are now on the lookout for local youths with wet trousers".